Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stump Farm 2hr

With a slightly late start I was given a few extra minutes to stretch. This ride was going to be a little different due to the fact I was only going to be riding for a few hours(family reunion). They said GO, and I was off. I was off like a bat outa hell. Hoping to scare Lee Unwin, I put it on Hi for the whole first lap. My goal was to see how much I could gap him. I would ride very close to an XC pace versus Lee's enduro pace.

Half way into the first lap I couldn't see him. Every chance I had, I would look over my shoulder. No Lee. I had a slight smile on my face...

As I get closer to the end of lap 1, here comes Lee! So much for trying to go off the front. We stopped to get our scans in the timing tent before we were off for lap 2. This time Lee would set the pace(which was my XC). I was able to stay on his wheel for all of lap 2, which was good enough for me. I was done. Lee would win....(I have not seen results yet). I now know what I have to work towards - that pace for 10 more hours.

Family Reunions are nice. Ping-Pong, Bag Toss, Softball, Volleyball, Frolf, Segway, food and family. It was fun.

On the Bike this morning. In class tonight.


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