Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It seems with school hitting me pretty hard so far, I have been able to ride more now than I have been able to all summer. hmmm.

On Monday I get to rest up after the hard weekend. However I still am commuting which means spinning those legs. The ride to school holds a just-keep-spinning state of mind to try to not stink up the classroom too bad. The ride home is hammer time. No matter how sore the legs have been, I always jam to some MC Hammer Time all the way home. It just feels good.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the looong days. I get up, eat a bowl of cereal and hit it in the AM. These rides have been ranging anywhere from 30-70miles. I could head out mid day, but I have been waiting for these cooler morning all summer. It is just too nice to be able to wear the long sleeve.

Wednesday serves as a commute only day. I just have too short of a turn-around from my Monday class(same class meets M and W) to ignore the readings. Monday and Wednesday school days also start at 12:30 and go till 7pm. Where as Tuesday and Thursday start at 4:30.

Oh, forget it. I just remembered I start student teaching in a few weeks which will end up turning my looong days into my off days, and will force my off/commute days into my even earlier AM new long days.

Anyways, How are your legs feeling?

I need bike for this winter (skinny tires).


Ronsta, said...

Commuting lately has been this:

AM- ride hard enough to stay warm.

PM- ride hard enough to shake the leeches with aero bars and hairy legs off my wheel.

And what, the Roger can't take 28c's for the winter?
Or how about a dumpster find like we've been building around here?

Good job fitting the time in where ever you can though!

EXPO Racing said...

I watched my Medici slowely deteriorate over the past few winter years, I really don't want to put the Roger through that.

So you ask, Why not ride the Medici? Well, I need some wheels that I am willing to put through the winter.

Or, Do I try to work a new bike out of the predicament? I would love new bike, but I trust the Medici. I love the Medici.

Ari said...

What kinda bike you need?
Also what size. Maybe we could hook you up with a frame. Just shipping from Chicago to your place.