Monday, September 15, 2008

Aris is Short AND Fat

Great Job Aris!
Chequamegon Short and Fat - 2nd Overall
Chequamegon Short Track - 6th Overall
Chequamegon Bike Limbo - 1st
Chequamergon Bunny Hop - 1st, Cleared 27in with his RIG!
Photo - Jon Hirsch


darwin said...

I am out of words Aris...just damn proud to be your brother. That goes for all of you.

BENDER said...

27in?! Did he go off a jump?

Congrats on a sick weekend!

EXPO Racing said...

We all know the rig has 29in wheels right???

2nd place cleared 20in. He won by a whopping 7in! Thats like lapping the entire field.

Cornbread said...

Way to go Aris!

PaddyH said...

nice job!

kinda bummed to see old guys on the podium as most consider the S&F the young ones race...maybe those guys are the kids dads..though I doubt it...