Friday, September 12, 2008

Gnat Jacket Anyone?

I have dealt with road rash. I have handled the out-of-place feeling at the start of a WORS race. I don't hit up the local masseuse and 24hours of dust and mud build up has become a non-issue. Until today, I have never felt the desire to shave my legs.
However, on this morning's ride, gnats made it into my mouth, my arms and my legs. Rather than get squashed on my skin, they would fortunately make a soft and safe landing into the Mediterranean forest canopy. There they would regain their composure just in time for me to give'm the flick. Early on during today's ride I found that the swipe would not only take the life of Mr. Gnat, but smear its body parts onto the forest floor. So, at about mile 5, I switched to the flick when ever possible.
With that said, today might only happen once or twice per year. I still do not think it would be worth it to succumb to the feminine pressures of shaving.
The fastest cyclists in the world would still be the fastest, and I would still be hairy. So forget it.
Great luck to all EXPO heading up to the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival. I can't wait to hear the great stories of the good times!

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