Monday, September 29, 2008

Full Week

I student teach every day all day long this week. Busy busy I am.

A slim racing weekend it was for EXPO. Brandon and Jordan were the only folk to make it to Sunday's WORS race. Jordan snagged a fourth, at the same time he put himself in a major contention for a WORS Series Overall Podium. His job? Train train train.

Brandon made the not-so-good choice to try a fellow racer's (geared) steed for the first time - On race day. Derailleur issues forced his DNF. His series overall was at a let's-hope-for-a-miracle sate. Now, first of, no one wants to have to rely on other's results. You shouldn't let it get to that point. With that said. A DNF was put in Brandon's lap the same day he DNF'd. Rats. Wasn't meant to be. At least there is one more left in the looong WORS season for some redemption.

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters, once again, steals the EXPO show. He decided to forego WORS Sunday for a Double Dip of CX action, UCI Style. He took Saturday and Sunday's Junior Race (15-18) and had twice top 5 in the Cat 3's! 5th on Sat and 4th on Sun. One of these days I'll get a pic of his RAD CX bike new for this year. Nice build it is(although it's missing a Trek frameset)...Swag was twice $$ and a pair of Oakleys to boot for him. Nice.

This week. School becomes rest until my favorite 10hrs of "I wish it was 12" John Muir this Saturday. Then, cheer the Bro at CX Sunday. I can't wait for this one cause I was forced away from racing last weekend.


Shelley said...

Unfortunately, Brandon was no longer in the running for a series overall finish, so nothing wrong with him wanting to try something different I guess. He led the sport pack the entire lead out and into the woods until the derailleur issue! Was really fun to watch! Much thanks to Sam Martz and his family for allowing Brandon to use Sam's bike!

Jordan did well but was affected by the dust and without his asthma inhaler. Oops! Sam Martz and Jordan were neck and neck at the finish with Sam pulling ahead by 2.3 seconds. Congratz Sam!

Congratz to Aris on a great CX race!


Unwin said...

Hey thanks, have fun sorry Im done for the year, but will see you again in the spring.