Monday, September 22, 2008

12hrs of Blue Mound

They say they pulled rocks off the course, but I couldn't tell.

My race didn't go as well as I hoped. This is the first race I have EVER had a pounding head ache. This is the first race I have EVER sliced a side wall open. Those two combinations of firsts created a gap (again) that I just didn't feel like gambling on. A first place is really the only result that would have helped(in reguards to series). I pulled the plug while I was a lap up on third. Props to Al Brunner who pushed the hard gear to take over my second. We will see what the rest of WEMS holds for me.

We were out of there by 5pm which gave us plenty of fun time to properly celebrate the Wife's Birthday. Good food with good times.

Congratulations to Brandon and Jordan. They just locked in the WEMS 6hr Duo Series Championship with a second place in the Blue Mound 6hr!

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