Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nice Weekend

Drove out to The Peters' house after Bluemounds 12hr was canceled for some R&R.

Hung out Friday night and prepped the SS's for some Johny G Hill Repeat on Saturday.

Saturday -

Aris, The "O", Brandon, Jordan and myself waited for John G to show. He strolled in round 1pm and we were off for hell err hill fest. Theo and John on gears. Aris was fixed 48:16. Brandon and Jordan were SS 42:16(i think) and I was 48:18. We were bending our crank arms for 1hr30min. We though we were beat for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday -

John let out the secret of his 70mile hopes for Sunday, so we stayed for night #2. Woke up early for some pancakes. John shows up with Matt Gissibl a bit after 10am. I switched to a 48:16 and Aris stayed fixed. Watertown and back - 69miles. Matt showed legs all day. John G worked it with the tail wind. 17.8mph with 40+ miles of 15-20mph head and cross winds. Add some gravel and it would have been close to TI.

Matt - Aris - John

The "O" took out Bbones and Jdubs for some more and more miles. I think it is cool down for them Monday, maybe a ride Tuesday.

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