Thursday, July 24, 2008

Convert F29 Travel

Well I have found the Trek 69er to handle better with a FOX F29 100mm over the 80mm. The problem is that all I have are 80mm forks. Sooooo, I check out to see if it is possible. Converting a 80mm FOX F29 to a 100mm.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Tools needed:
10mm socket
Monkey wrench - a good one

Let the air out of the fork with your shock pump.

Use the 10mm socket to pull the plastic nut off the bottom.

Hammer the the threads up into the fork (catch the lube!!!!)

Like my plastic bag trick?

Valve comes off on the top w/10mm socket. Then use the monkey to take top cap off(see below)(Careful! Very soft metal)(turn over to catch different lube)

It's thick, so be patient.

Use a wood rod or something that will fit in the bottom hole to pop internals out the top(from the bottom)

Pop out black plastic piece just above the spring. Bingo! 100mm!!!

Like a pastry chef, put the lube back in their homes.

Squeeze it out!

Tighten back up.
20 minutes tops!

24-9 bikes are complete. They ride super duper nice too. Pics later.
Wednesday Night Racing news: Juniors: Aris 1st. Brandon 2nd. Jordan 3rd. EXPO 1 2 3.
(Aris 6th overall. Brandon 15th overall. Jordan 17th. Theo flat. 50+ field size too!)

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