Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alterra perked up the Juniors

I decided to hold back this weekend and let the EXPO Juniors pump me up. I carried the Ergon BD1 w/some H2O and shot video while the rest of EXPO made me smile. Thanks Alterra for the super tough platform. And thanks Pops, Shelley and Trixie for the all around support.

Jordan - The youngest(only 12yr old today) in his Citizen U14 group decided to give the big boys a run for their money. He gave us his best result yet with a 3rd place Age and a 18th Overall.

Brandon - Just about took the hole shot on his way to a 3rd Age and 35th Overall in Sport U14. It was so neat watching him reel in the peeps on his way to, again, one of his best finishes yet.

The "O" - He had a slow start and was forced to pick his way through his field. In the end, it certainly didn't phase him. 3rd Age and 8th Overall.

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters - As usual he rocked the course. 1st Age (for the 7th straight time) and 9th Overall! He is getting closer and closer to a COMP Overall top 5 series finish...then again there is lots-o-racing to come.

Vince Tamborino - Perhaps the most focused of the EXPO Juniors today, he scorched his training wheels in the 4yr Old race putting together a great race.

Chris Tamborino - After cheering on his son he toed the line in the COMP field ready to post a Tambo-two-for-two. 6th Age and 35th Overall.

Deanna Frings - After competing in an AM Triathlon she came over to cheer on EXPO. Thanks for coming Deanna!

Joe Horvath - Our newest EXPO member made the drive to support and take the photos(he has to get them to me...sorry for no pics). He has also committed to the EXPO pit crew for 24-9. Thanks Joe!

I think we might be peaking...

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