Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, Aris, Theo, Bradnon and Jordan all qualified for the National Championships to be help this weekend in Mt. Snow, Vermont. Oh yeah I made it too. I don't know how, but I'll take it anyways.

Brandon and Jordan will be competing in true National Championship categories. Bbones will work hard in the Junior 13-14 group and Jdubs in the Junior 11-12. A victory for either one will earn a true-real deal stars-n-stripes jersey. Now, don't fret cause we are only dreaming of podium finishes. Heck, a top ten would take the cake. Check that, the experience alone will make this trip worth it.

Mt. Snow has finally made Aris somewhat think about upgrading to Junior X (ok, fine. Not really.). However, we say forget about a stars and stripe jersey and get out there for some experience. Work hard for a podium in the Sport Junior 17-18 group, then show up next year to take the Junior X title. Because there is an Expert class with the same age group, Aris's Sport race is considered a National Category Championship. Instead of a "stars and Stripes" jersey there is either the red and stars or the blue and bars or something of the sort.

The same scenario plays out for Theo and myself. Theo in the Sport Junior 15-16 and me in the Sport 25-29. Theo deserves a podium chance. me? on the other hand...ride and enjoy myself for 24-9 is oh so close.

Wednesday - Leave early AM and try to get 11-12 hours of driving in. I am the only driver and I have quit caffeine...those don't mix well with double digit driving hours. Arrive at some hotel, eat and watch this repeatedly.

Thursday - Get up early and try to get to Mt. Snow before the U23 National Championship start. Watch in awe. Pre-ride and Pre-ride and Pre-ride. Check in to hotel which is only 1/4mile from the start line. Eat well and try to relax. Bed early.

Friday - Race day. Myself, Aris and Theo go off at 12noon. We will try to finish before Brandon and Jordan's start of 3pm. Before we know it, the day will be done. Wam bam thank you mam. Eat and hopefully celebrate. Stay up and parte'.

Saturday - Sleep in. Eat. Watch Trials. Watch Marko and Jesse(we can't wait for their show). Head for home.

Updates will come from the road.

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Darwin said...

I am so pumped for you all. Get out there and show the east what midwest grinding is all about. Enjoy that whole experience!