Monday, July 7, 2008

Chippewa Valley Firecracker

T'was a fast and great weekend in Eau Claire for WORS #6. Saturday started out with an early arrival to the race course. We sent out The "O", Bbones and Jdubs out for the pre-ride. Aris was going to stay off the bike on Sat due to a sliced shin. He slipped a plastic pedal on his BMX bike... I said I knew the course, so I wasn't gonna ride either.

We hit up din din thanks to Shelley which was a meal fit for kings. We got back to the race site while the sun was starting to creep behind the trees. With a full stomach Aris asked me: "You wanna ride?". Uh, yeah! We hit the trails for some desert. Oh, are these trails sweet. Pre-ride fun. Pre-ride beneficial.Jordan was faced with a stacked U14 field. 21 deep, with many of them twice his size. However, have no fear for his single track skills will blow you away. The extended single track on his second lap allowed him to cut 40 second gaps after lap one down to 20. Although there wasn't enough room to over take the larger gaps, he was able to win a sprint finish to take 7th in his age. He was only 3 minutes off the lead.

Brandon had the legs for sure. He just had a few too many mishaps out on course that allowed the top 3 to stretch him out. Evey time his feet were on the pedals he was pulling. He managed a very solid 4th. One of these days his legs will take him to the top. New plan, two pre-ride laps.

The "O" was ama za zing! Not only did he get his first age-group victory of the season, but he scored a massive 7th overall. He still can't figure out how it happened. Quite frankly, neither can I. Jersey? Ergons? New bike? Training with the fixedgeargus boot camp? For now he says it is a mix of everything. He did add in Hand ups from Pops too.
By the time 1:30 rolled around for the Elite/Comp race I was ready to take a nap. Aris and I were pretty excited to finally go off in the same wave. Not excited enough to stop the yawning. I was yawning uncontrollably at the start line.
Once Don yelled GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My yawning stopped and we were off. Aris was at the front as usual. I the front too! Half way into the lead out I was even pulling Aris, at the front. Heck, while we are at it why not enter the first section of single track 1-2. We were even chatting.
There was one problem, this was way too foreign. I was finally getting to see Aris's speed at a race pace. I stayed tight on his wheel and hung on for as long as I could. We were even starting to gap the field one bike length at a time.
Crash #1:
Went off the ledge. I was up fast, but I had to wait for the train to pass. 5-7 guys passed before I could get back on the bike. Oooh was I pissed. I caught back up to the chase group which made me even more mad cause I knew I could have been off the front with Aris if I hadn't of crashed.
I passed two guys within the first lap and played yo yo with a third during the second lap. I was feeling really really great entering the third lap. I was also crapping my shorts wondering when my legs were going to take a break.
Crash #2:
My mind took a break instead at the start of lap #3. The last log crossing in the first section of single track jumped out and snatched my rear wheel. I flew forward off my bike. My quads caught my bars as I dove helmet first into the ground. My nose came up slightly bleeding. My bars were turned 20ish degrees to the right. I tried turning them back, but they wouldn't budge(no tool either). I rode the rest of my final lap with cocked bars. Very sketchy it was. I slowly dropped a few places as I hammered home. I just couldn't hold the proper speeds any more in the single track.

Aris stayed up front all day taking 7th Overall. This result should place him second overall in the series standings, which is nice. I now can say I have seen, first hand, Aris "I'm faster than you" Peters in his natural habitat.

I was back and forth with 2nd in my age the entire final lap. We exited the final section of one-track side by side. He was spinning as he pulled away, but I knew once I got my DOG up and running I would cruise. I made the stupid mistake of trying to pass two elite riders on their right just as they were turning right to lap through. Talk about blowing a chance for second place in the final sprint. I would'a had him too. I ended up 3rd in age and 15th Overall.
My best WORS result to date.

Blast of a course and an awesome event overall!


Ronsta, said...

Awesome job guys!!

I have your helmet you left at Ranchito, haha!

EXPO Racing said...

Thanks Ron.

Next time I eat with my helmet on!

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

Instead of fixedgearedGus now your Gus "pullareallygoodfinishoutofmybutt" Peters

Shelley said...

I just can't...

Ari said...

You guys look Tuff! Next year we'll be ready for the winds of Iowa in the early spring.
Keep up the good work.
sycamore, IL.