Friday, July 4, 2008

Hail - Sha - Pull - Pack - Parte'

No WNR had us riding through Hail w/sleeveless jerseys to the Sha. A fixie ride was on tap with Ronsta, Carloski, Maciej and Aris. Trixie met us for some tacos at Ranchito afterwards.

Aris pulled my ass for about 20miles before I turned back for home. He was fixed 48:16 and I was free 48:16. The headwind invited our legs to put out 1/4mile bursts of 25mph. He finished off his 55mile ride with a 19mph average.

Fri is the day I pack for a EXPO ride and Parte' to celebrate July 4th. From there we are off to WORS #6: Chippewa Valley Firecracker.

Griff, Here we come!

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Ari said...

Great work on the Single geared machines. Great way to learn to stay on top of a gear. Good luck in your races and make sure to post some photos.
I hate working on weekends. So is the life of a bicycle mechanic.