Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mout Snow MTB Nationals

Fastest Man

Tallest Man

Hole Shot Bender
Cool Pic
Fastest Descender I ever seen
Marko riding the steepest part of the course.
SS??? Rigid??!??!?!? You Crazy!


How I walk after I pee.
Tire touches Brandon's nose. Not kidding.
Fastest woman. Mary won in the most awesome sprint finish.
Trials National Champ.
Who is spooning who???? In a King bed too!!!!
The "O"
Aris w/ a 30second lead after the start climb.
It was an amazing weekend. We all rode nicely and we all saw some amazing riding. The best in the nation walked the walk and our local big wigs took it to'em. Aside from the SS race, WI was the only state to show up rigid.
My race was relaxed, or at least it was supposed to be. I started mild and found myself running third wheel. I fell back to 5th by the time we started descending on lap 1. I reeled 3rd and fourth back on the descent. We stayed together on our last lap. I gapped them on the top of the last climb just enough that I was able to crash on my final descent and get back on the bike still in third. I saw them behind me but when it was time for the big ring at the bottom, it was mine for the taking. I left 4th and 5th behind. It was really neat racing against so many peeps from all over the states.
I truly have to chalk this one up to WORS. We race so much harder than all the others. I mean come on. I have to work all year for a 3rd in WORS Comp 25-29. NORBA Sport just doesn't compare to WORS COMP. Thanks WORS!
Maybe some more later...I wanna start thinking about 24-9.

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BENDER said...

RAD! It was great having a large WISCO contigent out there, tons a fun! BENDER