Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday 45

Drove to Tower Optical (A) in the Tosa side of town to unload our bikes. I was on the 9.9 geared and B and J would ride their 925's (42:16). Kissed Trixie good bye and we were off.

We started out semi-strong through the "city" and then dropped the hammer after 124th st. The short sprint climbs started to show real soon which had B gaping us in a yo-yo type of fashion. I kept telling the boys about the Cote De Constantine throughout the day and they kept asking, "Is this it?", "Is that it?", "That had to be it?". I would reply, "not even close"...this video is the second half of our second ascent in the "IT" climb.

They stopped asking.

45miles, two fill-up stops, one BikeSafer sighting and one flat.


Ari said...

That is hard work!!!!!
keep it up and you will see results. Hill repeats create strength and power.

Nathan Guerra said...

I know that climb well. Just north of the Drumlin trail, 2nd road crossing coming out of Waukesha, or third coming from Wales I believe. Really steep, and pretty long, part of my spring training as I went to UW-Waukesha, about 3-4 miles down the road.