Monday, June 23, 2008

Reunited..and it feels so good

Theo "The O" Peters took the 1st half of the season to ride with the touted MARS Juniors...As it turned out, he had a little too much EXPO in his veins. We're happy to welcome him back to EXPO Racing. It had to have been the kit because all the sudden The O puts out his best race ever to date! 7th Overall in Sport.

On the plate for this week...some EXPO special treatment, a TREK 85oo built with a SID World Cup, with some accompanying XT sprinkles. Johnny G will help him build it tomorrow. After that, some fixedgeargus bootcamp training.

JDubs is extremely impressed with the new EXPO impressed he put out his best finish to date, 5th in Citizen U14. He's down to only 3:44:00 behind the lead.

All I can say is... look out for Bbones. 3rd in Sport 12-14. Not only is he getting faster, he is also gaining confidence!

Aris had some hidden concerns regarding this style of course. He now has no worries as he conquered the washboard. 1st in his age in Comp and 8th overall. Steady and strong.

The rain had started to fall mid-way into my second lap. As the rain came, my legs started to give. I swapped bottles and peeled the Oakleys in route to 6th in my age and 40ish overall. I'm making progress.

Chris T. came in right on top of me. We might as well have rode together. Trixie apologizes for the lack of Chris photos. I'll be scanning the net in the next few days. I know it's been awhile since many of you have seen Tambo's grill.


Carlos said...

Good job out there dude, ya could be faster if ya shave yer legs :-).
Are you gonna sign the team for team competition-participation? you could kick ass if you sign for small team.

EXPO Racing said...

I thought about it on Friday...I remembered it this morning, then I was told we were too late to register. ooops =)

Carlos said...

Trixie is right, Don said before the elite start, If you haven't register your team, registration has been extended.
So do it, do it now before is too late.

EXPO Racing said...

got it! thanks

darwin said...

Welcome back The "O"! I like your style. Scare Expo by leaving for a bit then making a return to triumph. Classic. Can't wait to ride with you guys.

Ari said...

Bottles for sale??? Would help your team out a bit.

Ari Andonopoulos
Sycamore, IL.