Saturday, June 28, 2008

Levis Trow 5 Laps

I felt great after 5 laps, I was solid in 2nd place, but I wanted to ride hard this coming week, so I pulled the plug @ 4pm. I didn't loose 2nd until 7pm. So it was 3rd place I got. Aris had a tough day in the SS State Championship race (25miles). B and J took 4th in the 50mile Duo. Chris T got an awesome 4th in the 25mile and John G took a almost as good 5th(top 5 were honored). Jeff Frings (he has a sweet pic of Chris)made a surprise visit to hang with the pit.

A nicer write-up down the road w/pics.

Lets all hope Lee is ok.


SquidBuzz said...

What happened to Lee?

Glad to hear that your day went well.

griffin said...

yeah? what happened?

EXPO Racing said...

I heard a few different stories, so I don't want to spread a slightly wrong 'what happened' tale. I am waiting to hear how he is just like you(s).

Lee Unwin said...

Thanks, Im walking today, way to hang in there.