Monday, June 2, 2008

Big Ring Classic

Hmmmm...Big Ring Classic doesn't seem to be such a fitting name any more. The two EXPO rides to make the podium this weekend were on single speeds. Side note, the new kits look pretty hot.

Brandon "Bbones" Watkins - 3rd Sport U14

Aristotle "I faster than you" Peters - 1st COMP U18

This is the only time I would get to be side by side with the Bro.



Big Ring


Beth's 2008 Debut - Something's missing though...?

Props to all Mohican and Kanza finishers - I wish I was there.


Carlos said...

Gripppppss is what's missing there.
Great job out there.
I flatted on my first lap, I fix it, got back on and got some troubles passing some comps that came by while I was fixing the flat, but still had a good finish.

EXPO Racing said...

Yups, Pinch Flat for me...just when I was starting to feel good.

Christie Ann said...

I'd have to say you guys look pretty smokin in the new kits! Great job everyone! It's especially nice to see a female out there for EXPO..way to go Beth!