Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brandon and Jordan have Landed

We watched the rain fall while we were at the mall. So we watched Indiana Jones. Pretty good.

Once we got out of the movie we saw that the roads were dry. This made us gitty. We sprinted home and hopped on the bikes with pistons ready.

From the start we knew we would be flirting with Mother Nature.

It was in the distance and we were headed right for it.

We finally made a slight EASTerly turn which had us riding parallel with the darkness.

This was 100yards before we made our direct EAST turn which forced the storm to chase us. We were booking at 25mph. I was certain I dropped Jordan, but nooooo. We had the sweetest pace line. Then we hit 26mph. The boys were still on my wheel!!! Only 2ish miles to go. We still hadn't felt a drop. Just as I point out the biggest pothole ever, Jordan decides to float to the right so he doesn't have to scrub speed. He floated right into the pothole. He tried to hop it...

We snuck under an apartment overhang once the rain started. co2 to the rescue. Lesson learned: Sit up and stick the knee out to scrub, pay attention to the signals.

It was a blast riding home those last miles in the rain. All smiles cause we knew we would'a had it beat. The boys looked great today. Garmin says 29.64miles in 2:01:14(flat change included). Not bad. Not bad at all.


Lee Unwin said...

Great pics, you guys are crazy out there, I don't think the helmets are lighting proof, but technology has come a long way.

Jay said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Give Nate a call as he can go for a ride with you or take the boys out for some rides during the day. This Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday we will be at bmx Nationals though. Give him a call next week as he will be home all day. Later..