Monday, June 16, 2008

Subaru Cup

Pops Mensa-Bansu did what he does best on Father's Day. Oversee the entire WORS operation. He scored up a very nice dri fit shirt for his efforts too. Happy Father's Day Dad!

Joe Horvath (left) has his summer crib only 15 minutes from Nordic Mountain. He was Mr. Support all weekend. We are extremely excited to have him part of EXPO Racing.
Theo took 2nd Overall in the Stage Race. He gutted out the XC, Very strong Super D and an even stronger Short Track. A Sport overall Short Track win was all his until a lapped rider snagged his bar and took him out. He still managed a 4th and still has a little EXPO in him.

In the final .5mile of the Super D Jdubs closed a 50yard gap to over take an age grouper and solidify a 2nd in the Subaru Cup Omnium. A very strong 6th on the XC coming in only 10 seconds behind expoRacer.

A tough day one had Bbones thinking other things. He DNF'd the XC because of a bad crash at the start. I tried to get him to go back out there to try and salvage his Stage Race, but he was too mentally taxed. He came back with a stress free Sunday and took 2nd in his Super D and Short Track. He looked especially strong in the ST.

Griff pulls out one of his best finishes yet. A 4th place in the XC. We missed ya on Sunday.

Um, yeah. Ok. 2nd Overall in the XC, 1st Overall in the Super D and 1st Overall in the Short Track. 1st place overall in the Stage Race. 3minutes over the entire field...on a single speed. Aris has decided to become one of the COMP men(errr, boys) to beat. An absolutely stellar weekend for Aris "I'm faster than you" Peters.

Just as the picture shows, I was swallowed up by the COMP field and the course. A very very tough course(which makes Aris's win even bigger), but a very very very FUN course. I can't wait till next year. My only result of note - 4th 19-34 and 6th overall in the COMP Super D. I have gots lots of works to do.

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Holly Roethle said...

Jordan I am 5 years and 5 days older than you and thats a fact... ha ha!!

Hope it was great!