Monday, May 28, 2007

What a weekend!

Here is how the story goes. I am unable to attend the first WEMS race of the year due to a family wedding. So while EXPO riders Chris, Jeff and John along with fellow ERGON athlete Lee Unwin are hucking hard at 12 Hours of Gears I am owning the dance floor getting down to Hanson's "mmmmbop". Ok, ok ok. If I had to give up a race, it would have to be Family based. I had a absolute blast at my cousin Beth's wedding. I only had a half a beer too!

So I send out a "good luck" to the team and asked if any of them would be willing to write up a race report from GEARS. Well, what can I say? I was not let down one bit! Great write-ups guys.

Thanks Chris and Jeff!!!!!!

Along comes Sunday. I was already hearing talks Sat night of Bro Aris bailing out on the ride home from Mad Town. I was to do the ride home solo which was fine. I woke up around 10:30ish. Rode the bike to State St. for a Mocha n Muffin. Ate. Gave Aris some crap. Changed. I was on the road 10minutes to Noon. I took the exact same route across the state. I had the gift of a really NICE tail wind almost all the way home. Before I left made the statement "I'm just going to ride home". Well, 60miles in to it I was feeling really good. I made it twords my parents house and started to head south. The south side of Milwaukee. I knew it was going to be over 90miles total. I was feeling so so so good! I was on a high. I sprinted the last 100 blocks home. Rode up to the house to see Christie and Buckwheat out on the lawn. I plopped right down on the freshly cut lawn(thanks Trixie) and took a Buckwheat shower. He loves the salt.

After 30minutes on Yahoo maps trying to make the route exact to the one I rode. I had about 15 or so checkpoints listed. 105.1 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 Hours even. I completed my first ever Century Ride! FIXED baby! I feel so good today. It is so much fun feeling good to be sore. So, next time anybody wants to do a 100 you can meet at my house. I'll treat to Ian's za on State St. afterwards.

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