Monday, May 21, 2007

Closer to 60miles on Saturday

I had a great ride down to Delavan on Saturday. Very close to 60miles in 3.5hours(SAFG).

WORS #2 Turned out wet n very good on Sunday.

Aristotle Peters 1st (Thanks Rusty)
Chris Tamborino 1st
Jordan Watkins 2nd
Thoedore Peters 4th
Brandon Watkins DNF (3rd singulator to go bad in as many weeks)

I was able to take tons of pics.

Tried to ride home after all the pics were taken. Well, no water all morning and no lunch led to a very large BONK. A "I could barely turn the cranks" kind of BONK. 2hours 15minutes and I was done.

I have decided to debut my mad skills at WORS #3(Marathon #1)....look out!

Thanks so much to Sarah and Johnathon. The BEST hosts!

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