Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Wednesday Night Wrong Turn

The first time at a race pace felt really really really great! With that said, it was a not-so-good night. JW and I headed out on the 6mile warm up ride southwest to Crystal Ridge. Ride was easy going. Showed up to the race site...They don't take check card! An IOU was given with 10minutes till race time. JW was to do two 4mile laps with two really nice climbs per lap. Each lap is also littered with ultra twisty single track. I (one of the big boys) had to do three laps.

Start - I got to the top of the start climb in about 7th position. I was able to hold it all the way to the first section of singletrack.

Lap 1 - Breathing ultra hard, I tried to keep the lead group in sight. Exit first section of single on to a gravel road. I proceeded about 50yards down the road entering what I thought was the course. At least it was the course last year. I then worked my way back that same 50 yards through some very familiar singletrack...WHOAAA! Who are all these people in front of me! They must have cut the course! Pass pass pass I did.

Lap 2 - I felt pretty good. I made tons of passes on lap one. I ran the EXACT same lap as the first. All of the sudden, I come up behind the same people I had passed on lap one! I must be going crazy. Oh well, pass pass pass I did again...

Lap 3 - Realized I was missing the turn that would shave tons of time off my lap. Lap 1 27:03, Lap 2 25:29, Lap 3 23:50!!!!

Well. I made EVERY climb seated in my saddle, on my singlespeed. What does that say? I'm spinning out on the flats. I'm running a way too easy gear. 32 x 16 on the rigid 69er.

What do I do next Wednesday? Follow the correct course. Run A harder gear. 36 x 16 maybe. Maybe.

Friday side note: Prob close to 70miles with the Bro Friday late afternoon. I can't wait!

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