Friday, May 11, 2007

Boys, Girls and former pets.

I have had it. I am sick and tired of reading and looking and reading everyone elses "blogs". Now I get to read my blog. In the next week, you will have caught up to me. I will do my absolute best to post as much as possible. Unlike. I will not be as popular as or .. I do not look as good as your mother nor do I eat after 10:00pm. I am a student, a tutor, a worker, a lover and a bicycle rider.

Student: I attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Two more year till I'm teachin.

Tutor: I tutor soon-to-be teachers how to teach kids MATH at my former Milwaukee Area Teah College.

Worker: Other than getting paid to ride my bike. I think my current job ranks quite high. I am a Segway tour guide.

Lover: As of yesterday, my girlfriend and I have been doin it right for 10 years! I will have been with my wife for 2 years this summer. I love my dog too, he respects me.

Bicycle Rider: I ride as much as possible. I race as often as I can. The team is EXPO Racing.

You will be informed...

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