Thursday, May 31, 2007

Camera cord is lost

No Clif Bar update pics. That is thanks to a lost camera cord. EXPO Rider and Clif Bar connection Jeff Frings dropped off the 2007 Goodie bag!!! Mojo, Shot Bloks, Shots n BarsOh My. Along with some stickers. I love stickers!

Some more 12hr @ Gears photos of Jeff along with a short video of the 6hr start.
Love that kit!

EDIT: First time posting a vid on the BLOG. For some reason I can't get it to work. Here is the direct link to my photobucket account...

Today's ride was very eventful to say the least. I got 2hours of great spinning out towards my parent's house. 2hours 1minute = hail. for the next 45min I would get soaked. It was almost fun. Really. I made it to my mom and dad's house and stripped my clothes and threw them in the dryer. I ate a ham sammy and searched the house for some butt juice. Damn! No Butt Butter! Now what? Ride. I hopped back on the bike to hit the hilly portion of my ride(keep in mind I am over an hour off the bike) which really hurt. 30minutes in to ride #2, RAIN!!!! I was pumped. I put the hammer down and really started to turn the cranks. I was flying. POP! I snapped a spoke in the rear wheel. Wheel started to wobble. I was done. forced to walk in the pouring rain. I phoned home screaming. After an hour of walking my wife and Pops came to the rescue. I was pissed and very crabby.

Thank you Christie

Thank you Dad

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