Thursday, May 17, 2007

3hours 35minutes (10minutes faster thanks to ERGON)

I got to sleep in for the first time in long long while. 9:45 I had Buckwheat licking on my face. Hit the bathroom. Ate one large bowl of Craklin' Oat Bran, my bestest cereal, finishing the box. Took the dog out to do his business. Took the ERGON's off the 69er to put them on the SAFG. What a difference! On my way home the past few rides I have noticed my shoulders shrugging. Almost to the point that they can almost touch my ears. I have been taking that as my core isn't where I want it to be. My arms give up and no longer can support my upper body. All this stress gets taken out on my wrists. SEE LEFT. Those Pedro's Lock-on grips, all be it good, just didn't aid in my lacking core strength. I would get back from a 3ish hour ride and have to slowly force my hand back (inwards) bending at the wrist. Ooooh! the pain. Well today was another story. Either these grips should be forced on to all bikes Nation wide via federal mandate, or USA Cycling can offer $5.00 credit to all registered races pulling up to start lines w/ERGON. I was 10 minutes Faster than Tuesday's ride! I was flicking my wrist like Derik on Orange Mocha Frapp DAY!!! I just felt so spunky. light on the pedals.

Also today was a first with part of the new kit. Shorts w/out bibs. They felt very loose. So much I was afraid they would fall down when out of the saddle. Once on the bike they felt golden. My legs felt free-er than ever. As if I was riding nude. Never fell down once. looked cool too. I can't wait to really put these to the test in my first Enduro.

My ride something like 50+miles. A very specific route. One that yields the most climbs. I seek climbs much like the Pac Man seeks the fruit. I head directly east for 20 miles. Little climb here, little climb there. Trust me though, when riding the SAFG, any climb forces me out of the saddle. Out of the saddle is good. Also the the SAFG sends the Roadies Beware message out during any road closings. Although, I must admit, for a month straight I have seen all but one cyclist on my route. Just one.

At about mile 21 it turns real good. Gear mashing time. What you are about to see is perhaps the steepest and longest climb I have ever seen within 50miles from my house...Also, keep in mind. Pictures never do anything justice. EVER!

What you see is the first half. The FIRST HALF!!

Half way to the top. That drive way is about where my arms begin to give up. I DO not let them. I used to, not any more. That is what I love about MY climb. It is my meter.

YES! I made it. Half way = the top when riding FIXED w/out brakes. Now the hard part. Switchback all the way down to do it one more time. I absolutely love riding my bike. I really do.