Wednesday, May 30, 2007

EXPO, Please expand beyond your wildest dreams!

Well, Shelley finally gave me the go to fix Brandon's bike 4 days before WORS #3. Brandon is running a rigid singlespeed this year. It is a converted geared bike with vertical drops. He has DNF'd the first two races with busted singulators.

One chain stay mounted - twisted.
Two pyramid singulators - both times the wheel breaks right off.

What has led to the delay in fixing his bike has been...Do we get another singulator? or Do we build up a ENO rear wheel?

Decision was to go for singulator #4. I could easily get another pyramid, but it will break. Word on the street is the Surly singulator will break just as fast but costs twice as much. Those are the two in-stock options I have. In-stock means that I have already have called all the local shops and those are my options.

So now the story is set. I gave the state's larget bike shop a call (Wheel n Sprocket) in hopes of scoring a order to be delivered by Friday. I wanted a QBP product DMR STS singulator. I called and talked to a service dude. Name? unknown. Here is how it goes...

Me - How do I go about ordering parts?
W&S - You need to come in to the store?
Me - I need to come in the store?
W&S - Yup?
Me - The part I need is from QBP. How often do you guys order from them?
W&S - well, we usually need to hit $1,100 minimum.
Me - So there is really no way for me to get the part by friday then?
W&S - Nope, not really. Unless we could get the part from someone else...
Me - Is there a way for you to find out before I would make the drive out there?
W&S - We are actually really busy, I wouldn't be able to check right now.
Me - Alright.?.
W&S - Alright, Sorry. Have nice day.

You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!

MC, Get your butt down to the South Side! I need you!

Expedition Supply has never once turned me down with a QBP order. Not once. Minimum? If there is one, it has never been used as an excuse. The only problem with them...They have stayed in my hometown and I haven't. So rather me move back, why don't you expand south???
Team Dicky says he's done. So do I! Never again will I do another W&S again.
PS. Please don't rain

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