Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trans Iowa Pics

Trixie takes the pics.

Get up!

Lets bow our heads

Smiles all around

Scott is so polite not to put his bottles on the counter



Ahh yes, pain.
Moo at them and they take a step closer
Rolling into CP1

I was 50/50 here, Cornbread was 100

I even aired the tires


More props...can you guess why?

donuts, I called it quits.


Jeff said...

Great job to both you and Aris. The conditions must have been awful. I might try and join you for the next TI. Thanks for posting the pics. How did Stell a work for you?

EXPO Racing said...

Stella was awesome! Super light. After an hour into the race, I had it on the low output. Next year, I'll only have to bring the 6 cell battery instead of the 3 and the 6.

Joe said...

Thanks for posting the photos and story about the event. Nice job by both of you. Good luck on the upcoming race season and look me up at the Iceman in the fall.

EXPO Racing said...

Joe, you rocked it. Makin' all SS's proud!!

Shoot me an email, I will send you some pics. I think Trixi found you in a few :)

Carlos said...

Props cuz of the custom rear fender? :-)

Cornbread said...

Definitely wasn't 100% sure I was headin' out for more in that pic. Charles convinced me. He's a badass.

Thanks for posting some pics. Good luck with your race season. Did you sign up for the Dirty Kanza?

EXPO Racing said...

Carlos - Nope. Try again

Cornbread - No Kanza for me this year. To be honest, Until TI started I never thought I would love this style of racing as much as I do. By the time I gave Kanza any thought, it was too late(full). As we say for TI, Next year...

Jay said...

Props because the guy in the blue coat was riding with flat pedals and tennis shoes? Oh yeah doing it on a single speed.

EXPO Racing said...

Bingo! FLATS! That is the same dude that was gloveless at the H8TR! Craaazzy

SquidBuzz said...

Thanks for posting the photos. Very cool. All the photos I'm seeing are giving me ideas for next year.

Ari said...

The dude with the flats, his buddy with the fisher, another dude with a badger and myself (Ari) made to the first checkpoint. We did not have a ride back to decorah so we started riding back. We made it to WEst hudson before we were all really gassed. The guy with the flats is a badass and a really kind person. Constantine and Aris, you guys did great. I am proud to see young people out there.
Ari Andonopoulos