Thursday, April 24, 2008

I think I'm Ready

I finally feel that I am ready to go. We will sleep in(prob 7am, ugh) on Friday morning. Then it is off to Aris's crib to pick up him and his bike. Theo, Brandon, Jordan and Buckwheat all look to be making the trip to Iowa to keep Trixi company. g-tED posted a Thursday pic of a section on the course...I will NOT change a thing on my bike. I will however put the look of determination on my face as I chug through this early Sunday morning.

Well, All that is TI can't wait. Friday looks to be just as fun as Saturday, however Sunday is sure to take the cake. We hope for some type of internet connection in Iowa to make one last post.

Below isn't everything...I still need to add:

extra pair of socks


wet wipes


more Shot Bloks

extra water bottle for the BD1

Roger That

missing: Cue sheet

The best part about Trans Iowa vs. a 24/9 is you don't gotta do the $80 grocery trip all at once.


darwin said...

turn the wheels bro...just turn the roger through Iowa.

Jay said...

Good Luck guys. Put a down tub fender on and it should be ready.

EXPO Racing said...

Front fender will be ready and waiting should it get called to duty.

Carlos said...

Good luck dude!

Russell said...

Don't make Aris wait up too much for ya!

ps - give 'em hell fer me.

mountaingoat said...

Good luck, suffer well.

Chris said...

Good luck guys, and have fun!