Sunday, April 13, 2008

H8'n the H8TR

It stayed true to self. Everything you need to truly H8 a race - Cold, sleet, rainow mix, mud in your face and the most wicked head wind on the way home. I was a bit up and down, as was Aris. We were just off schedule of each other so I managed to hang on to the 6-strong chase group(as Aris faded) till just before the half way point. I reeled in the suffering Carloski on the my way home - made his hung over A** pull me most of the way. I ended up getting back into town solosixthish which was the worst mistake I could have made. I left the "final loop" map in my other jacket! I rode around for a bit, went this way, went that way...Strolled in to take a DNF. Aris caught a handful in town and managed a 9th overall. The bikes rode amazingly well. The tires held their line in the mud and rolled super smooth on the road and gravel. Aris and I could not be more stoked for Trans Iowa thanks to the H8TR. Move over Rock Cut, the H8TR is the new season opener.

Aris won Endurosnob's work of art in the Swag Give Away! I swear, everyone walked away with something sweet.

Controlled lead out was pronasty. Got to chat with new team rider, Joe Horvath. Great guy!


Can't wait to see all the TI peeps again in less than two weeks! See Y'all too soon.

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Carlos said...

If I new there were gonna be some swag, I could stay, but I was in the need of some food.