Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few additions on your left

Trans Iowa - Its the official TI web site. Look (click the pic) for at least one more update before 4am on Saturday. Also read and scroll to familiarize yourself with this epik event. Aris and I will be heading out early Friday morning for Decorah, IA. Our goals are of course to finish. Aris is looking for an "*" next to his name - The youngest TI finisher. More posts to come.

g-tED - Guitar Ted. Hmmmm. Don't really know what to say. I can't wait to shake his hand this weekend. He rides, reviews and posts better than most. Before you know it, you'll have him linked too.

Squirrel - Cause he titles his post "Riding is good". Rumor has it, he might show up at 24/9.

In other news:

I have a nice little window on Thursday morning to finalize everything TI. From packing and repacking my pack to charging the batteries and reading blogs. I can't wait.

Speaking of packing. Get a look at this little number from Endura. Lickidy split this sweet Ultralite Jacket was delivered right to my front door last week just in time for some testing and drooling. Breathable waterproof fabric that folds into the palm of your hand. I won't even know its packed. Endura won me over in less than one winter ride two winters ago. Folks, if they can keep me comfortable at minus10, they must be doing something right. I am staying true, they will soon keep me dry and spinning at Trans Iowa. Thanks Endura!
Zipper zips up to the side leaving you with a super soft under-chin.

I love long sleeves. I LOVE THEM.

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Joe Partridge said...

Good Luck at TI! Don't stop pedaling unless you see bone or spit up blood.