Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bar Wrapping Saturday

Grill, tunes, fam, Buckwheat, unwrap
Trans Iowa secret

all finished!
Tried on the new Lazer Genesis lid, never before have I felt a more comfortable fit.

We got some practice stopping at stores in the dark...
Stella on the left, Princeton Tech triple on the right. Both should be more than enough light to get us through the night. Only downer is that the Princeton Tech takes a 10cell battery vs. the Stella's 6cell. However, I may take the cub as a safety which would bring my total to 9cells anyways.
All in all a great weekend. No Rock Cut or Sea Otter or any other, we just relaxed and chilled. Trans Iowa is like 5days away. I think the stuff is ready. Are you? Am I?


E Break said...

I'm also racing this weekend, and was curious what the "singlespeed champ" is running?

E Break said...

For his gear?

EXPO Racing said...

Right now I gots a 48 x 20...I'm thinking I won't change it for TI.

you fixed?

E Break said...

no, i'm running 48:19