Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bar Wrapping Party - Saturday, April 19

In Preparation for the epic journey ahead, Aris and I will be hosting a Bar Wrapping Party on Saturday the 19th of April. We have tons of new t o y s that have freshly arrived from our sponsors that need to install and test and adjust. The party is sure to work its way into the evening for we will be embarking on our final night cruise to dial the lights in. Most importantly, we are wrapping the handlebars on our Trans Iowa bikes many times over.

Guest Instructions -
(Blog the following instructions to the guests that will be attending.)

  1. Bring your own scissors and tape.
  2. Bring at least 3 rolls of Fruity colored bar tape(1 each of elegant, kid/fun, and traditional themed wrap) and 2 rolls of ribbon to use and share (we're creating a bar wrap potluck).
  3. Bring all the bikes you need to get wrapped.
  4. I will provide a variety of frame labels, some women-friendly snacks (aka chocolate), beverages and the "season is upon us" ambience.

B there or B square - Email if interested.

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