Wednesday, September 26, 2007

3rd Grade Tribute to James Brown Get Up Offa That Thing

Here it is. I was put in charge of Trixie's 3rd Graders to organize their "Show" for the African American Program this past Spring. Is there any better way to honor the Godfather of Soul? I must say I truly did well, because these kids nailed it! This little 7ish minute skit goes into my portfolio to get into the School of Education. Hopefully this is my ticket. Enjoy! We all know they did.


darwin said...

gus, you are in the right profession. Well done. You and christie really know how to have fun with those kids. Question is...can you perform the dance?

Paddy Humenny said...

dude, that's good stuff!

good on ya!

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I did the mother of all blog posts last night. You might want to check it out, pictures of you on there. And if "they" say Cyclocross isn't fun just look at my picture.