Monday, September 3, 2007

another league

mechanical misfortune and HEAT resulted in my first 3laps being slow and demoralizing.
as the heat subsided, i began to turn it on..but it was too late. i was putting in every possible ounce and risking every possible turn in order to put in hot laps. as it hot laps were not even close enough. by 3 a.m. my best effort hadn't put me any closer to my goal. i pulled the plug. i certainly have some work to do. i left with my head held high and I have never been more motivated. sorry for the late post. spent the day repackaging the bikes to head back to milwaukee. race report and pics in due time.

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ScoleTrain said...

Glad to see that you you're coming away from this experience motivated with a positive attitude. At your age you have lots of endurance races left in those legs. I wish I was your age again.