Monday, October 1, 2007

When Your Powers Combine...

The last weekend in September posed to be extra difficult for the EXPO Racing masses. Where does the team go? How many should go? Which race should we skip? Saturday, the toughest day, had three choices: XC, Endurance or Cylcocross. Sunday everything converged on Cyclocross. So what does Trixie decide to do? Split'em up. We did. The strategy worked to a T. Great Events. Great results. Great Fun. Exposure to the MAX.

Thunderdown in the Underdown
Fixedgeargus - 12 Hour Solo SS - 3rd
Chris Tamborino - 3 Hour Solo - 2nd
John G - 3 Hour Solo - NR
Brandon - Support
Jordan - Support

Lake Country Cross Trials (day 1)
Cody Gunst - Hill Climb n TT - 18th

Fall Color Festival
Aristotle - 20 Mile, U25 - 3rd
Theodore - 20 Mile, U25 - DNF

Lake Country Cross Trials (day 2)
Theodore - Junior - 5th
Aristotle - Junior - 2nd
Fixedgeargus - Cat 4 - 26th
Cody Gunst - Cat 4 - 43rd

Chris's 2nd place locked up the WEMS 3 Hour Series Championship
Fixedgeargus's 3rd place locked up my WEMS 12 Hour Solo SS Series - 2nd
Aristotle's 2nd place in Sunday's Cross locked up 2nd in the Omnium

In other news. I finished my portfolio. My Roger (aka TI V4 machine) rides great. 2008 sponsor work is under way. Fixedgeargus kind of likes typing in the third person.


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

Great blog post, see y'all next week.

ronsta said...

I have Theo's wheel done.
Email me if he needs it before the weekend,


Endurosnob said...

TI V4? Outstanding.

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I just checked the website this afternoon and found that I Scored WCA Individual and Team Points, but my team points go to the Baraboo Sharks.