Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I have completely shifted gears

Not sure if that title makes any sense. The geared bike might come out for two more races this year.

School has picked up a full head of steam. Tutoring is in full force and Segway has moved to Mon Tue Wed mornings. My schedule is so Tight, I will be unable to get lazy and take the bus. Each day consists of anywhere from 4-6 25-50minute sprints. I go all out. Why? To get ready for cross season. Fridays are off days aka long ride days(unless it is a race weekend). I still have been unable to find time to do my homework.

I am able to arrive at my desired destination completely soaked in sweat. Do not worry, I am already married. All I need is 40minutes to dry off to go out and do it again.

Bring on the zits!

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