Sunday, September 9, 2007

3v3, Track Stands n WORS

WOW what a weekend. First off, a bunch of fruit cakes in tie-die t's decided to steel the crown in one of the toughest 3v3 soccer tournaments in the Nation. To top it off it was done street ball style in a cage! Urban Playground Festival.

In between games I dropped some coin and entered the track stand competition. While standing on my bike, I realized something. Some of these "messenger riders" try way way too hard to sustain their image. With that said, they are one hell of a group of guys. The skillz comp after track stands - riding a fixed gear no-handed on vintage, whoever can down the most cans of beers, wins.

Carlos aka Alterra wannabe EXPO, after taking 2nd in the MTB race, was showing off with no hands.

Sunburst Showdown
EXPO Racing rocked it. (pics n vid in the near future)
Jordan - 6th
Brandon - DNF (a dislocated knee doesn't help)
Darwin Peters - First Race EVER on a new bike - 10th age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Raasch aka MC Raasch aka EXPO Brain Child - 2nd age, 7th OVERALL

Cody Gunst - 5th singlespeed (Best finish of the year)

Chris Tamborino - Sealed the Sport Series victory and decided to give COMP a try - 7th age, 31st OVERALL

Aristotle Peters - 1st age, 57th OVERALL

Trixie got our first goal of the day on video.

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What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I know you got good footage of me climbing the switchbacks, I'm gonna want to see that.