Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scabs, Tacos and a new Bike!!!

30yards from class. Cruising nice and easy in the bike lane. I start to get out of my saddle to apply force to the cranks to slow down. In order to apply the most force, I shift my weight froward over the handle bars. All of my upper body is supported by my arms... STUPID. My left hand slips off the grip STUPID and my chest crashes into the bars STUPID as if I broke my stem. STUPID. I ride the unicycle for a split second until I crash n slide into the middle of the road. Two taco supreme's create an unrideable bike. A quick glance over my left cars. Now try getting a broken bike on to the MCTS bus STUPID(500 batting average gave me a 3hour trip home).

I can think up a thousand different scenarios that would have put me in the hospital. Knock on some wood and let this be a wake up call for all. Even YOU can ride STUPID.

Enter the new bike...well, not truly new. Just some new riser bars and a trustworthy upgrade to ERGON grips. I can honestly say it, if I would have been running ERGONs yesterday, I would still be riding the Medici.


Anonymous said...

gus, darwin here. soooo glad to hear you are alright. Please always be careful riding (as I KNOW you are). This is one of those scares as a wake up call!! Nothing to stop you though. Keep the wheels spinning. Is the Medici frame still operable?

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I you need a fixie your welcome to use mine or if you need wheels, I have extras of those too. My fixie won't be coming out of the closet again till May probably.

Carlos said...

Uhh sounds like it hurts huh. While you learn not to put all your weight foward, I do it all the time, check this out
Hope you're doing ok dude.

EXPO Racing said...

Me fine. Frame is still straight. Wheels should have been in the trash last year, which makes sense.

Ronsta said...

Maybe we can do something about the rims if your in need..

Hit me up,

Glad your alright!