Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 2 - Base Camp

Tuesday was certainly action packed. What a day to put in the books. Amazing drive, A helpful crew, A nice pre-ride(one tire wash-out), and a base camp we honestly could not have dreamed up.

The last two up Tuesday AM - North Platte, NE.

First stress of the day - getting all of this to fit for the final leg through the mountains.

$5 Dolla Make Ya Holla

Billy was so relieved to finally get out of that trailer.

Meticulously unpack - save every ounce of padding. Not a one single scratch, dent, scuff, or broken part. I was amazed.

Let the mess begin.

Slowly but surely base camp was coming together.

Wednesday AM views.

Start/Finish/Hang-out below...Ha!

Great tent placement will keep these boys sleeping.
Casey washed out a tire, however his is ok(I don't think anything could keep this kid down).
Aris does the UCI 4.2 mile Pro Lap. 26minutes of climbing - maybe a 60 second descent - 4-5 times.
The peeps are saying the Non-Pro course is even harder - 8+ miles. Single track climb up a face, then descend, climb same face, descend, repeat, repeat. No switchback, just up down up down. No time for rest.
Today's objectives - Course recon for myself. Feed and hydrate EXPO. Talk to USA Cycling about call-ups/Rankings....Updates on Twitter - Left Sidebar.
If you have questions - send me a text 414 area 232 and 0052.


t_BENDER said...

YES. I'm so stoked for you Expoians you guys don't even know. Mad props for givin all the Expo kids an experience they'll never forget. Live it up!

Ronsta, said...

Adjust to the thin air and kill it out there guys!