Monday, July 27, 2009

EXPO Racing takes 3rd Overall at 24-9

Pic from goat.

What true superb effort put out by the EXPO Racing juniors. The team con Cameron Chambers (-CC-) and the WORS veterans were the only teams to top them. It was such a battle and truly a "race" for 2nd - 4th place overall (check out how the race played out here)

They were rock solid all night long. Consistent for 24:30:00. The biggest of thanks goes out to Scott Cole for lending Myles his StumpJumper 29er and helmet light. The entire EXPO pit crew for keeping our racers fed, hydrated, prepped and motivated. The Lenss crew for creating a "Red Bud" like atmosphere all race long, and everyone else for press'n EXPO on.

Ergon was awesome(three of four were rigid) and the Endura kits kept the boys comfortable. Clif fed them out on course and Jeremey's Burger Haus filled them in the pits. Oakley kept the trail view clean. Please click the sidebar links for product info and more 24-9 stories... there will be alot more to come.

You truly had to be there to see it. EXPO Juniors really showed that the sport of endurance racing is just waiting for a junior movement.

Please check out the Mountaingoat for many more links as well as pics!


Mountaingoat said...

Lenss' Red Bud crew was way better than the actual Red Bud.

enduroloco said...

The juniors did AWESOME!!!!!!! I wish I had that dedication to anything at that age. Those kids are going to do big things down the road. Again CONGRATS!

Luc said...

hey, i just realized i forgot to introduce my self in my half dead post race stupidness. im Luc. nice meetin' you.