Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 3 - Feel'n Good, with Caution.

Day 3 was another good one. However, today (Day 4) takes the cake. Married for four years today. Can't ask for a better place to spend it than right here. Love you Trixie!

The wrap was to keep it clean during the preride.

Looks like much of the crew will looking to go "euro" on race day.

Preride talk. Being out here this early allows us to really strategize each lap prior to race. Hot lap, 80%, testing front rings on climbs, best lines to take on descents...

They head out for the lap.

Myles and Casey.

1 comment:

Iguana said...

Looks like Theo is keeping up with the international style :) .
Good luck to y'all.
You're doing a great job giving these kids an awesome experience.
Take care.