Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nate Gage Brandon

Kyle, Bbones

What you see in the distance is the start climb. Gage is talking you need SPEED to keep it going up the hill(we will see how a field size of 54 affects the kind of speed needed for our singlespeeders)

Trixie takes the pic and Kyle and Myles are currently out for an easy second lap.

Waving at the live web cam... Also taking a wif of the podium. Live web cam link here.

Round one of vinyl applique.

Kyle has one thing on his mind here in Granby.

Twice Italian sausage pasta.

Still don't know what this game is called. My first toss EVER was three points though.


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Anonymous said...

Gus & Christie - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY - you two are happy, hard working campers! Love you lots (LOL) Mom.