Sunday, July 5, 2009

Firecracker = Breakout

The boys of EXPO had, again, one heck of a weekend. Jdubs! Jdubs! Jdubs! Goes to show how a little hard work can start to pay off, hey? So cool to see the peeps rally around each other all day long, just in time for the EXPO trip to Mountain Bike Nationals...Yup. Stay tuned!
Jordan Watkins
1st U14 - Citizen

Mitch Bogardus
2nd 15-16 - Junior X

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters
30th Overall - Elite

1 comment:

Iguana said...

Ha, when I caught up with your little bro on the 3rd lap, he was pretty much done, but I kinda saw on him like he was my little bro racing, So I motived him to keep goin and stay on my wheel and pull him all the way to the finish line.
My brother is kickin' ass back in my country too and once we raced together and he broke his quick release, I gave him mine and he keep goin to take the 1st place, I was fast to but sacrifice my place for him because I already had gone throught those times where you always wining, I know the feeling. Here in the states is different, I was still finishing good here in wors few years ago, those days are gonne and now I got a beautiful son and there are a lot of cat 1's with kids, but life styles are different and I'm racing this year just for fun and to not get Gordo as you might know what tha means. Your brother is just starting and I can see him getting stronger. Happy riding and I'll pull him again if there is another chance, altought I was feeling really good that day and crashed twice and got some mechanicals. I have the feeling of something is coming for the next race, something different from my previous finishes.
See ya.