Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday 45

Lovely ride in the Sha today. Brisk it was. Many good peeps. I have marked next Sunday for yet another Ronsta Ride.

Fun climbs in the shade. Keep the seat down and hammer up.

Ronsta has discovered the best way to spend a February Sunday. Wear what you want. Ride what you want. Say what you want.

Bikesafer reaching for his camera for the somethingth time. I wanna see something for those efforts. BTW - I love those downtube shifters, don't ever ditch'em.

Hoze froze for about and hour's worth of the ride. I had to chew chew chew the the outside of it to try and get some water to pass by the ice. Then it was pull - push - pull - push to give the ice some backwash warmth. Good to go.

Great luck to Mark about to embark on his first 12hr race next weekend. Keep those cranks a turnin'!

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Mad Trix said...

Thanks for the words 'o wisdom Gus.
Hope I remember some of it.