Friday, February 13, 2009

24hr Series?!?!

Wowser. Just received an email from Granny Gear:

"We WILL be adding Solo Single Speed classes (mens and womens) to all three of our races this year!"

This has now become the goal of the year:

Big Bear
9 Mile

I can't imagine the fun it could be. An actual SS series that gives you a local race and a National Championship all in one nice little package. Time to save up...

Aris "I'm Faster Than You" Peters earned some nice mid-season press. Now all he has to do is get over to my place this weekend so we can have some fun with Ronsta. Make sure you carry some candy hearts with you on tomorrow's ride. I will.


Mountaingoat said...


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I might be seeing you @ Big Bear too, I'm kicking around the idea of racing there since I'll be in that part of the country.

PaddyH said...

should see ya at 2 of the 3

T mon T said...

hey gus what is the cost-of-playing as a solo rider with laird ?? i haven't seen that yet.

EXPO Racing said...

T mon T - I am afraid to find out.

Paddy - That is why if loved the big ones, all the peeps that make it out to play. Hope to see ya.