Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Half n Half

Got to try out the new Answer Winter MTB shoes today. Super nice! I'll pic and write them up in the nearest of futures.

Half Training in the EXPO long sleeve this AM. I was finally able to get a day ahead of my homework(how about that?!?!).

Half Commuting in the favorite flannel.

I was able to sneak a shower in between and change all of the clothes.

I want someone to create a flannel specific to riding. How cool would THAT be. Longer sleeves. THick flannel material. Something durable for the long haul. Great stitching. I would pay big bucks for a custom job, I really would. I want! I want! I want!

However, I'm not too sure a bike clothing company would go through the trouble of a flannel...Where could they put their logo?

Anywho. Dar is spending a few days at the crib, which is nice. I start a little student teaching tomorrow at a new school which equals some new faces, which is nice.

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Mad Trix said...

Show dem kids who da man.
Teach 'em up Gus.