Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two NICE Add-ons

Xmass treated Trixie and me really well. Sister hooked us up big time. Of course all for the greater good EXPO...These two toys are sure to increase our multi-media output. A new web is already in the works as well. Video's will no longer be edited with Windows Movie Maker!

Canon G10. 14.7 Mega Pixel. Very solid feel. Small enough for Vacay. Big enough for the racing season. We were able to test this baby out in Puerto Rico last week. So far, we are super happy with it.
Master Collection. Need I say more?

I honestly don't know what to do with my self. Adobe CS4 is completely over whelming me. The HD video editing has me looking to upgrade the graphics card and PSU, other than that, the program runs flawlessly on my current set-up.
For all of you Adobe junkies out there, you best make an appointment to stop on by. CS4 will knock you over.
I was able to get outside for 2 hours today on the fixie. Legs are sore from yesterday, however my spirits are high.

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