Thursday, January 29, 2009

Retina Burn

Tight or Rough?

Chill'n @ Fuel before class.

Some new Oakleys came in the mail two days back. Oakley Ambush - Retina Burn Snow goggles with the Fire Iridium lens. I went with the Ambush frames for their low-profile design towards the top. So many of the newer goggles out on the market have that upward arching frame design to enable a larger viewing angle. However, me being the safer cyclist, I wear a helmet w/my goggles, and It would suck for my helmet to be propped up from my goggles. So the Ambush seemed like the perfect choice.

After two days with these babies I am properly pleased. I love the fit of them. The foam padding has like three different densities to make them super comfortable. No more pressure on the bridge of my nose either. On yesterday's morning commute I ran into only one slight problem. The venting is almost too good. Fogging will now be a thing of the past, but with that comes breezy inners. On the single digit days you can really feel the cooler air circulating throughout the goggles.

This has become a "what-can-you-actually-handle" type issue. Me? I can handle it. the air never get as cold as the actual outside, nor do you ever feel the affects of the "wind chill". Add in the fact that most peeps are actually exerting effort when riding, so your body heat counters the cooler breeze giving you a "comfortable" temp without "overheating".

Nuf said. Goggles Rock.

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claire said...

forget "tight or rough?"... MKE winter riding: "roughin' it while lookin' tight".