Thursday, January 22, 2009

EXPO EXpands

I can't tell you enough how excited we are to kick of the 2009 season. We are quickly becoming the team to possibly take the cake. Over the off season EXPO Racing was able to sign some of the most talented Juniors residing within the Midwest. These kids got skill. Not to mention, they know how to simply have fun. The parents and powers that be banged their heads together to find a way to get all these good peoples together on the same squad. We did. Who you see below will be sporting the EXPO vibe on the racing scene. Look out.

***Insert favorite pump-up song here***

Just a few notable accomplishments:

2008 WORS Citizen U14 Series Champion
2008 WCA CX Junior 18 Series Champion
2008 WCA Series Junior 14 - 3rd
2008 WORS Sport U14 Series - 3rd
2008 WORS Sport U14 Series Champion
2008 WORS Sport U14 Series - 2nd
2007 WORS Sport U14 Series Champion
2007 WCA CX Junior 14 Series Champion
2007 WORS Sport U14 Series - 2nd

Kodi Gissibl

Myles Beach

Gage Rodriguez

Mitchell Bogardus

Nathan Labecki

Get like-minded people together and watch what happens.
Kodi, Myles, Gage, Mitch and Nate, welcome! Training starts - Last Week.


chris said...

Welcome to the team guys, but remember one thing, if Vince ever asks you to pull his finger....Don't!!

Lee Unwin said...

Gus, GT is looking for guys like you, got friends who don't have a ride send them my way.