Thursday, January 8, 2009

I think it was 97

I was hot into the soccer scene. One of my best buds Joe W. asked me to tryout for his soccer club(I think it was during 7th grade). I had been tough shit on the local - The Erin Soccer Club had been my home since I was 6. I loved the game cause I always was able to stay a step ahead of everyone. I even got cocky.

My parents said "eh", but Joe's dad offered to drive the 40min jaunt into Milwaukee. So, I was to try out for the Bavarian Soccer Club. Now this was a constant top 5 club in the state, and I was pretty nervous for this was going to be my first ever "try out" of any kind.

Lucky for me it wasn't going to be a one and done type of try. I was able to ease into their style for the week. Long story short I made the team, and I had to start over with the cockyness. One year later we win the State Championship(traveling everywhere in the process). Soccer treated me real real well! I still watch and play the sport as often as I can. I probably would still be playing somewhere semi-pro-like if my ACL hadn't gone out in HS.

No worries on that, I'm thanking my knee for getting me into racing bikes.

Anywho - The "O" put some thought into this year's Xmass gift: (Now the above mini should make a little sense)

It's strolling round Milwaukee with this cap on that is most fun, cause anyone who knows anything about the late 90's football world will sure throw me some respect.

Last night was a Bavarian Cap, Endura Strike Waterproof Gloves and Icebug Kicks. Oh, and Buckwheat too.

The shoes are awesome. Sucks for you though cause I don't see them offered on REI anymore. Total waterproofness and perfectly comfortable (when you do what you are supposed to do with them...Hiking-wise they might not keep you as warm.)

I stayed gripped even on pure ice.

Mr. Kerkove wrote exactly what I would have wrote in his Tuesday, January 6 post. My hands get pretty sweaty when the temps reach 40 degrees. Nothing worth complaining about though. Sub 30 and these are the bomb! Two separate snot wipes too. I have to give props to Endura. They really know how to make the best clothing for the most extreme conditions.

The run totaled almost four miles with some Buckwheat chasing mixed in between. It was a good night, the snow was falling and Buckwheat was pushing me hard. Side note, I don't run on pavement.

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